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Brompton Oratory

Location for Weddings and Social Events

Brompton Oratory, London, London, SW7 2RP

  • Max guests for group photographs
  • 300
  • Civil weddings catered for
  • No
  • Events photographed by Paul Martin
  • Wedding
  • Last event photographed by Paul Martin
  • 02/07/05

Brompton Oratory is is conveniently situated on Brompton Road, near to Knightsbridge and Central London.
A map is available here and there is a website for this location.

Paul Martin has given Brompton Oratory a rating of 3 out of 5 for indoor photography and a rating of 2 out of 5 for outdoor photography.
Please note that these ratings only relate to the suitability for photography, and do not in any way relate to other facilities and services that may be provided by the Brompton Oratory.

Comments from Paul Martin:
I had the opportunity of photographing a big wedding at The London Oratory in July 2005. Brompton Oratory is a very large Cathedral, abundant in ornate features in it’s archietecture. Photographing inside was quite a challenge; vitually all the photographs I took were tripod mounted photographs. Although flash photography is permitted, I would not recommend it as a main source of lighting, in favour of slow shutter exposures, so as to record much background detail. The consequence of using flash coupled with faster hand held exposures will inevitably lead to loss of background detail.

Not with standing the difficulies, I captured some wonderful photographic memories, mainly from the back of the aisle. Using a telezoom lens, I recorded candid shots of the marriage ceremony and exchange of rings in colour, but mainly black & white.

Photographing outdoors was far more straight forward. The steps provides an ideal setting for group photographs. I was also able to capture some beautiful and creative photographs of the bride and groom by the doorwell, before departing to the wedding reception and dinner at the Hurlingham Club. Here I was able to produce more varied and creative photographs.

In summary, The London Oratory is a impressive venue for a wedding and for memorable wedding photography.