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Hurlingham Club

Location for Weddings and Social Events

Hurlingham Club, Fulham, London, SW6 3PR

  • Max guests for group photographs
  • 300
  • Civil weddings catered for
  • No
  • Events photographed by Paul Martin
  • Wedding
  • Last event photographed by Paul Martin
  • 02/07/05

Hurlingham Club is conveniently accessible from Fulham Palace Road.
A map is available here and there is a website for this location.

Paul Martin has given Hurlingham Club a rating of 4 out of 5 for indoor photography and a rating of 5 out of 5 for outdoor photography.
Please note that these ratings only relate to the suitability for photography, and do not in any way relate to other facilities and services that may be provided by the Hurlingham Club.

Comments from Paul Martin:
The Hurlingham Club, founded in 1869, is situated in Fulham, West London. It has a beautiful Georgian Clubhouse set in 42 acres of magnificent grounds. The Club, which has an international reputation for excellence, provides social and sporting facilities for its Members and their guests.

The Hurlingham Suite is located in the new East Wing of the elegant Georgian Clubhouse, which was opened in April 2004. The individual rooms all lead into the spectacular glazed Palm Court which provides a wonderfully light and spacious area.

As a wedding venue, the opportunities for creative and memorable photography are immense. I enjoyed photographing a summer wedding reception at the Hurlingham Club in 2004. There were many highlights for me: The entrance to the Club House, the banqueting rooms, and Palm Court provided an interesting array of situations for creative photography. In particular, natural daylight spilling into the the Palm Court was so good, I was able to produce many crisp hand held photographs without employing the use of flash. This situation is an ideal location to take formal groups if the weather does not favour outdoor photographs.

Even more impressive were the opportunities for photography outside. The Georgian Club House with its imposing marble columns is a great situation for creative bride and groom portraits. Surrounding the clubhouse, the many trees give a sense of being in the countryside. The beautifully landscaped gardens, particularly, the rose garden with it’s benches and statues is a very good location for informal portraits. Near the main entrance, there is a pond with fountain and bridge; here are a few more artistic settings. To do any semblance of justice of photographing at this unique location, I would recommend a minimum of 25 minutes for exclusive bride and groom portraits.

Needless to say, the Hurlingham Club is a fantastic London wedding reception venue.